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JHM General News!

February 1st, 2024

All is well in the Julian-o'Verse! 

Lots of exciting production projects are wrapping up these days including a resurrected track from French Street Gumbo releasing this Friday 2/02!), my 2024 updated Audio Reel, finishing touches on the utterly epic ambient/meditation album collaboration w/ Kirk Evolvlove Jones, a gig or two worth noting and new strides in getting my music licensed! 

Scroll on to the next slides to see more of what I'm up to these days! : ) 


Julian Hartwell is a pianist, composer, producer & educator based in Philadelphia, PA. Julian has led a life in music since the turn of the new millennium, from humble beginnings of jazz piano study down the street from his house in Birmingham, Alabama, to an almost 20-year span of professional gigging in the tri-state area in just about every genre and context conceivable. Running his own band for 7 years - the Julian Hartwell Project - required wearing seemingly all the hats at once as composer, arranger, and bandleader; yielding two original full-length albums once all was said and done.


Julian has brought his music to places as diverse as Berlin, Argentina, Prague, NYC, and Charleston, among others. Throw a global pandemic in the mix and he quickly had to land on his feet in 2020, growing into a new level of truly self-dependent independent artistry by learning production and mixing full-on.

For the last few years Julian has been crafting a new voice in composition with a bent towards the worlds of scoring and sync licensing - a potent hybrid of his jazz/neo-classical piano roots, electronic, and often cinematically epic styles.


       But it’s not until now, as 2023 wraps up, that Julian feels he is at last coming into his own; his most unique voice as an artist yet. A collaborative album in the works with sound healer Evolvlove hints at a genre which one could only be described as "epic-meditative"...featuring a series of singles dropping every portal day (10/10, 11/11, etc) through the rest of this year. But it’s an upcoming project, The Kryptonite EP, that will showcase to the world the full extent of Julian Hartwell - now a project of one - as he prepares to release his first full-fledged home-produced, mixed, and sung, debut as a multi-talented singer-songwriter, who has clearly only just begun figuring out just exactly what he is here to say. 

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