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Julian Hartwell is a pianist, composer, producer & educator based in Philadelphia, PA. With more than two decades behind the piano, Julian has built a life around music in just about every capacity - from earning a bachelor's degree in jazz performance at Boyer College of Music at Temple University; performing professionally in the tri-state area for over 15+ years in diverse musical contexts & combos; all the way to 2022 which finds him honing his skills in the world of music production and sync licensing currently. His group the Julian Hartwell Project has two full-length albums out to its name - a hybrid of modern jazz, funk, and more with an upbeat and approachable sound that has cut across the usual "jazz" audience divides and garnered quite favorable reviews. Additionally as a composer of cinematic, ambient, and solo piano music, Julian has seen his original voice flourish in new directions over the last few years as he hones his production skills. As of this writing, Spring '22 sees Julian continuing to grow his catalog of high-quality tracks for sync licensing; mixing and co-producing for fellow artist clients; and tip-toeing back into live performance as live music returns, refining his original voice all the while.